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Welcome to the participant page for the CalHIVE Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) Improvement Collaborative. Here you’ll find program information, resources and other materials to help you engage and learn during the program.

June 2024

Thank you so much to all the teams who attended, connected and shared at last month’s CalHIVE BHI Convening in Long Beach! We hope you came away with actionable next steps to further your integration work. Congratulations to Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center for receiving Most Improved and San Francisco Department of Public Health for receiving Most Impact awards. Enjoy this video slideshow with highlights from the day.


Review the next few months of program events and milestones.

2024: Q3 Program Calendar, updated June 2024 | Q2 Program Calendarupdated June 2024 | Q1 Program Calendarupdated December 2023

2023: Annual Program Calendar

Calendar of events
Event Event Type Format Lead(s) Date Link or Recording
CalHIVE BHI Commons - June: BHI Workflows - Barrier Busting Live Learning Webinar

Live Webinar


June 11, 2024 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Slide Deck

Webinar Recording

CalHIVE BHI Data Webinar - June: Cycle 1 Live Learning Webinar

Live Learning Webinar

CalHIVE BHI Data Leads

June 13, 2024 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Outlook Invitation with Zoom Link

[Opt] Pilot Site Evaluation & Engagement Office Hours Webinar Live Learning Webinar

Live Webinar

CalHIVE BHI Project Teams

June 25, 2024 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Outlook Invitation with Zoom Link

Data Office Hours: Cycle 1 Office Hours

Live Learning Webinar – Office Hours

Data Leads, CalHIVE BHI Project Leads

June 27, 2024 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Outlook invitation with Zoom Link

CalHIVE BHI Commons - July: Patient/Family Engagement for BHI Live Learning Webinar

Live Webinar


July 16, 2024 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Outlook Invitation with Zoom Link

CalHIVE BHI Commons - August: Virtual Site Visit Live Learning Webinar

Live Webinar


August 13, 2024 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Outlook Invitation with Zoom Link

Review materials and recordings from our learning webinars.


Upcoming sessions:

2023 sessions:


Upcoming sessions:

2023 sessions:


Access a rich library of content supporting CalHIVE BHI’s focus areas.

Implementation Plan

As part of CalHIVE BHI, each team will complete a Behavioral Health Integration Implementation Plan, which will guide teams to strategic decisions and capture next steps to advance the integration project. The final Implementation Plan (all sections) will be due June 2024.

Access Integration Model resources below:

  • The CIHS framework proposes six levels of collaboration/integration. While the overarching framework has
    three main categories — coordinated, co-located, and integrated care — there are two levels of degree within each

    • It is designed to help organizations implementing integration to evaluate their degree of integration across several levels and to determine what next steps they may want to take to enhance their integration initiatives.
  • SAMHSA’s “Integrated Care Models: An Overview” provides an overview of different models of integrated care and their key components.
  • The “Collaborative Care Model” developed by the University of Washington’s Advancing Integrated Mental Health Solutions (AIMS) Center provides detailed information on how to implement this model, including care team composition, treatment protocols, and billing and reimbursement considerations.
  • The “Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH) Model” developed by the American Psychological Association (APA) provides guidance on how to integrate behavioral health services into primary care settings. The handout could include a summary of the key components of the model, such as the importance of communication and collaboration between primary care and behavioral health providers, use of brief interventions and assessment tools, and development of a stepped care approach.​​
  • The “Behavioral Health Integration Toolkit” developed by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) provides a comprehensive toolkit for primary care providers looking to integrate behavioral health services into their practice. The toolkit includes assessment tools, treatment protocols, and resources for patient education and engagement.
  • The Tools and Documents developed by the Michigan Institute for Care Management and Transformation provide a wide range of CoCM implementation resources.

Example Videos:


The Collaborative Care Model(American Psychiatric Association) – 2:34

Collaborative Care Management for Behavioral Health(Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program TargetHIV) – 12:14

Collaborative Care Management at La Clinica del Pueblo D.C.(Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program TargetHIV) – 6:46


PCBH Visit Demonstration with Dr. Bauman: Initial, Follow-up, and Debriefing(Beachy Bauman Consulting) – 1:07:25

Dr. Bauman PCBH patient introduction(Beachy Bauman Consulting) – 1:04

Focused Acceptance and Commitment Therapy(FACT): Engaged(Beachy Bauman Consulting) – 21:30

Compare and contrast the models

PCBH vs Collaborative Care( – 19:25

These resources will support your teams to complete the Implementation Plan, Section 3 – Staffing.

General Resources

  • Hiring and Onboarding Integrated Behavioral Health Providers in Primary Care (Rocky Mountain Health Plans) – general resources including interview questions, onboarding processes)




These resources will support your teams to complete the Implementation Plan, Section 4 – PHQ-9 Screening

These resources will support your teams to complete the Implementation Plan, section 5 – BHI Billing and Coding.

General Resources

Billing/Coding Tip Sheets


These resources will support your teams to complete the Implementation Plan, section 6 – Pilot Site Evaluation & Engagement



Data Exchange Framework

Rapid data exchange within the health care delivery system is integral to achieving equitable, patient-centered care for all Californians. The California Quality Collaborative (CQC) supports the California Health and Human Services Agency’s Data Exchange Framework (DxF), the first-ever statewide data sharing agreement, because it will accelerate and expand the exchange of health information among health care entities, government agencies and social service programs.

DxF Resources:

DxF Signatory Grants Application Resources:

Find the most up-to-date resources and events on the Connecting For Better Health Hub.

Other Learning Opportunities

CFHA supports healthcare professionals in integrating physical and behavioral health. It is our hope that the organization can be a professional home where you can network with colleagues, nurture new professional relationships, exchange information relevant to integration and collaboration, and most of all, provide an avenue where you can make meaningful contributions to the field and your community.

As part of your membership and participation in the CalHIVE BHI Collaborative, you gain access to an array of resources provided by CFHA. These include their esteemed journal, ‘Families, Systems & Health’, and their educational platform, ‘CFHA Learns and Shares’. These resources are specifically designed to assist in the successful implementation of behavioral health services and are now at your disposal.

CFHA Member Resources

Ask your CalHIVE BHI Team lead about how to access your free 1 year  CFHA Membership.




3/26/24 Model for Improvement Fundamentals – Setting Aims Slide deck; Audio Recording

4/30/24 Model for Improvement Fundamentals

Find full course details here.



Access data reporting materials and recordings from our data webinars, and review your performance through our reports and self-service data analytics dashboard.

2024 CalHIVE BHI reporting changes (2/15/24)

Reporting Templates and Resources: links to be added

Data Webinar Recordings:

Upcoming Sessions:

2023 Sessions:

Performance Reports: links to be added



Collaborate with your Improvement Advisor (IA) to support project success.

PO Box Folders – each organization has an individual Box folder; links are added here (access is restricted for each organization’s team)

| Chinese Hospital & Clinics | Community Memorial HealthcarePerlman Clinic | Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center | Riverside Family Physicians | San Francisco Health Network | Scripps Health | Sharp Rees Stealy Medical Centers


Access conference materials for the September 2023 CalHIVE BHI Convening in San Diego, CA.

Attendee List

Presentation Slides

Participant Workbook

Measure Logic & PHQ-9

Slide Show

Access conference materials for the April 2023 Improvement Coaching Workshop in Los Angeles, CA:


Review previous versions of the regular program newsletter, the CalHIVE BHI Connect.

Provider Organization Stories – learn more about implementation work CalHIVE BHI member organizations

Reach out to your peer network or the CQC team.



Kristina Mody

Program Director

Director, Practice Transformation

  • Directs the CalHIVE BHI Improvement Collaborative  
  • Designs CalHIVE BHI curriculum and learning events.  
  • Improvement Advisor for CalHIVE BHI

Peter Robertson

Program Advisor

Senior Director, Practice Transformation

  • Lead’s CQC’s technical assistance programming  

Daniela Vela Hernandez

Improvement Advisor

CFHA Technical Assistance Associate

  • Improvement Advisor for CalHIVE BHI  

Mary Nickel-Nguy

Improvement Advisor

Senior Manager, Behavioral Health Integration

  • Improvement Advisor for CalHIVE BHI 

Jose Ordoñez

Data & Reporting

Manager, Data Analytics

  • Provides technical assistance for data submissions, reporting and data analysis

Michael Au

Program Administration

Senior Manager, Care Transformation

  • Oversees project management for Care Transformation 
  • Provides support for tracking deliverables with Improvement Advisors 

Erika Lind

Program Administration

Manager, Care Transformation Events and Learning

  • Manages logistics for in-person and virtual learning events. 
  • Available for scheduling assistance and tech support for newsletter access 

Anna Baer

Program Administration

Program Coordinator

  • Manages logistics for in-person and virtual learning events. 
  • Available for scheduling assistance and tech support for newsletter access 


CalHIVE (Health. Impact. Value. Engagement.) Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) Network is run by the California Quality Collaborative (CQC), a program of the Purchaser Business Group on Health. This website is for program participants only; please do not share this link with those outside of CalHIVE BHI). Questions? Feedback? Suggestions? Please contact