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Nearly 40 private employers and public purchasers

Collectively spend $100 billion on health care annually

Provide health care for more than 15 million Americans

Our Members

We are a purchaser-only coalition of the country’s largest and most influential private employers and public purchasers working to create the health care system they are proud to offer American workers and their families. We harness the clout and concentrated power of our members to deliver impressive results rarely seen in the health care market, including avoided unnecessary procedures, reduced waste, payment reform and an overall reduction in total cost of care.


Proven Impact

PBGH is where large public and private purchasers of health care come to make real change on behalf of American workers and their families.

PBGH has a long history of developing, incubating and launching successful operational programs. Since its inception, PBGH has made among the most notable improvements to U.S. health care, including launching the first public website displaying health plan, hospital and medical group quality and patient experience data; influencing the drafting of the Affordable Care Act; developing the country’s first consumer-directed health plan; creating a purchaser alliance that achieved double-digit reductions in health insurance premiums; establishing breakthrough specialty care contracting; and helping form one of the country’s highest-quality and most cost-effective centers-of-surgical-excellence networks.

Member Benefits

PBGH is dedicated to developing and implementing solutions that lower costs while improving care quality for our members and consumers.

Membership is open exclusively to employers and public purchasers.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Partnership opportunities with peers to implement cutting-edge benefit strategies
  • Peer-to-peer networking with health benefits professionals from the country’s leading corporations
  • In-depth collaboration on delivery and payment innovation
  • Advocacy for functional markets and lower health care costs
  • Personalized consulting and support from PBGH staff

Join Us

For more information about membership, please contact:

Lucy McDermott, Member Account and Product Senior Manager

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