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Influencing Policy

PBGH is committed to containing unrelenting annual health care cost increases that impose an intolerable financial burden on patients and limit employers’ ability to grow and compete globally.

Our policy initiatives are grounded in a commitment to market-based solutions that encourage healthy competition among providers, health plans, drug manufacturers and suppliers. Where health care sectors are impervious to traditional market forces due to a lack of competition and entrenched monopoly power, we support legislative and legal action to restore affordability, quality and equity.


Policy Work


PBGH advocates for sufficient public health resources to fight the pandemic, economic supports to help the country weather the resulting economic downturn.

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Reducing Drug Prices

PBGH works with policymakers and stakeholders to inject more competition, transparency and value into the health care system.

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Tackling High Costs

PBGH seeks to uproot the economic distortions in the nation’s health care payment and delivery system to ensure that health care is affordable and accessible to everyone in the country.

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Fair Health Costs Initiative

The Fair Health Costs Initiative is an effort by PBGH and National Alliance of Healthcare Coalitions to mobilize employer purchasers, educate policymakers and advocate for public policies to reduce health care prices.

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Payment Reform and Quality Improvement

PBGH works with policymakers to advance the development and application of alternative payment models that hold providers accountable for quality of care.

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Health Equity

PBGH is committed to identifying and championing health policies that ensure health equity for all people in our country.

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The Future of Health Coverage Employer-Sponsored Insurance Policy

PBGH is actively engaged in promoting solutions that both increase access to health care coverage while driving down costs for all purchasers of health care.

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Tackling Market Consolidation

Anticompetitive practices that stifle employers’ ability to negotiate for the best health care value for their workers has become a growing concern.

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EmployersRx Letter to House Leaders on HR 3 – 9.13.21

EmployersRx sent a letter to House leaders expressing support for H.R. 3, the Elijah E. Cummings Lower Drug Costs Now Act, and urging that all price protections included should be extended to Americans covered by commercial insurance.

Employer Groups Send Letter on Drug Pricing to Senate Committee of Finance Chairman

Employer groups have sent a letter to Senate Committee on Finance Chairman Sen. Ron Wyden to urge him to protect all Americans from ever-rising prescription drug prices.

Letter Urging Federal Agencies to Protect Patients with Surprise Billing Rule 8/23/21

PBGH joined nearly 60 consumer and employer organizations urging that surprise billing loopholes be closed in the administration’s looming rule.

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PBGH Letter on the 2022 Medicare Inpatient Perspective System (IPPS) Rule 6/28/21

Letter to the White House on Health Care Costs 6/7/21

PBGH statement to the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Antitrust, Commercial and Administrative – 4/29/21

Letter to California Assembly Health Committee Re: Office of Health Care Affordability (AB 1130)

Testimony: California’s Office of Health Care Affordability (AB 1130)

Elizabeth Mitchell – Testimony to Senate HELP Committee 6/18/19

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