Advanced Primary Care

U.S. adults who regularly see a primary care physician have 33% lower health care costs and 19% lower odds of dying prematurely than those who see only a specialist. And if everyone used a primary care provider as their principal source of care, the U.S. could save $67 billion annually.

Despite these enormous benefits, misaligned financial incentives, infrastructure barriers and a lack of integration with other elements of care — including behavioral health — continue to severely constrain primary care’s potential.

For this reason, PBGH has defined the attributes of Advanced Primary Care. These include:

  • The ability to receive common procedures without the need for a referral to a specialist
  • Access to care that best meets patients’ needs, such as extended after-hours care and virtual care
  • Comprehensive care that includes screenings and management of behavioral and social needs
  • Coordinated care between primary care teams and other care providers
  • Use of tools and systems that support population-based care and the provision of care management for patients with chronic conditions

PBGH has outlined a supporting measure set that establishes evidence-based clinical markers that collectively signal implementation of Advanced Primary Care. We’re working closely with payers and providers to test and ultimately implement the measure set in performance and shared-risk-based payment models in California and nationwide.



A History of Pioneering Advanced Primary Care

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PBGH has been a pioneer in defining and promoting the adoption of advanced primary care.

California Advanced Primary Care Initiative

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The California Advanced Primary Care Initiative is an effort to strengthen the primary care delivery system throughout the state.

Advanced Primary Care Employer Resources

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Through successive initiatives and in collaboration with a diverse group of committed stakeholders, PBGH has spearheaded efforts to create a blueprint for optimized primary care.


The Journey to Advanced Primary Care

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Past Events and Training

March 30, 2022

CQC Webinar – Advanced Primary Care: Piloting Practice Level Measurement

A webinar describing the next step in California’s journey to scale high quality, efficient and patient-centered primary care, also known as Advanced Primary Care (APC).

Depression Webinar Cover Slide
March 31, 2021

CQC Webinar: Increase Depression Screening

In this meeting, attendees shared challenges and questions related to depression screening at their organizations, and identified a next step they could apply at their own organizations.