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Strengthening Mental Health

Employers recognize the significant impact that underlying mental health and substance use issues have on employees, their clinical outcomes and overall health care costs. PBGH works with leading health plans, providers, employers and other health care purchasers, to address a wide range of behavioral health issues and to improve the integration of behavioral health services, leverage emerging digital health solutions and optimize performance accountability through outcomes measurement.

Programs and Initiatives

Path Forward for Mental Health and Substance Use

PBGH collaborates with the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions on its Path Forward for Mental Health and Substance Use, which advocates a multipronged strategy.

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PBGH is pushing forward on a broad front to solidify and expand telehealth’s recent gains due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including improving access to primary care and enabling team-based models that integrate behavioral health care.

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Behavioral Health Integration

PBGH is supporting the development of tools and systems that can enhance the continuity and coordination of physical and mental health in the primary care setting.

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Patient-Reported Outcomes — Mental Health

PBGH develops, implements and tests patient-reported mental health measures to improve treatment.

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Patient Assessment Survey

Patient-generated provider rankings offer patients and purchasers an invaluable instrument for assessing clinician performance and making informed decisions about provider selection.

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PBGH Health Value Index

A first-of-its-kind tool backed by the purchasing power of more than two dozen large employers.

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Behavioral Health Integration Improvement Collaborative Curriculum

Get the Balance Right (Part 1)

An outline for building a financially sustainable program of integrated behavioral health services in primary care.

Get the Balance Right (Part 2)

Leaders offer strategic planning around sustainable integrated behavioral health services.

CQC Toolkit: Implement Adverse Childhood Experiences Screening in Primary Care

This toolkit is a collection of evidence-based interventions and resources for ambulatory care provider organizations to implement Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) screening and follow-up care.

Accelerating Opioid Safety — Ambulatory Care Toolkit

This document is a guide for provider organizations working to improve opioid safety — to prevent new populations of patients from becoming dependent on or addicted to opioids and improve care for patients with chronic non-cancer pain, opioid use disorder, and/or at risk of overdose.

Digital Solutions for Employee Mental Health