Emsana Health

Emsana Health is PBGH’s Health Solutions Organization established by PBGH’s employer members who collectively spend $350 billion annually to provide health care benefits to 21 million Americans. Our work leverages PBGH’s deep expertise and it’s more than 30-year track record of incubating new, disruptive operational programs in partnership with large employers and other health care purchasers to lower health care costs and increase quality.

Emsana Health furthers PBGH’s charitable mission by commercializing and scaling solutions that increase employee access to high-quality health care and by lowering the health care spending that represents real opportunity costs for businesses and job growth for working Americans.


Products designed for employers

Emsana products have the backing of large employers and are designed to deliver sustained market change that benefits employers and the millions of Americans for whom they provide health benefits.


Our first product is EmsanaCare, a VIP Access Pass to the highest-quality health care. EmsanaCare makes it easy for private health care purchasers to identify and partner with advanced primary care practices and top-performing specialists to improve experience and health outcomes. EmsanaCare addresses the concerns of many large employers that the care they buy is difficult for employees to access, of uncertain quality and poorly integrated.

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