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Reducing Pharmacy Costs

Businesses and employees are spending far too much on prescription drugs; high drug costs remain one of Americans’ greatest concerns. To reduce your health care costs and improve access to higher quality care, PBGH helps purchasers disrupt the complicated and opaque pharmaceutical supply chain and hold vendors accountable. The result is transformative benefit design and access to better and more transparent drug pricing for employers and their employees.

Pharmacy Initiatives

PBGH has helped large employers save millions of dollars on pharmaceutical spending with its proprietary Waste-Free Formulary Guidebook and Calculator.

To reduce cost and increase access to life-saving treatments for patients, PBGH works with employers and purchasers to assess and break through barriers to adopting biosimilars.

Employers’ Prescription for Affordable Drugs

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Soaring drug expenses are a key factor in the overall rise of health care costs. This alliance is tackling the cost of prescription drugs by working with policymakers and stakeholders to inject greater competition, transparency and value into the health care system.


EmployersRx Letter to House Leaders on HR 3

EmployersRx sent a letter to House leaders expressing support for H.R. 3, the Elijah E. Cummings Lower Drug Costs Now Act, and urging that all price protections included should be extended to Americans covered by commercial insurance.

Employer Groups Send Letter on Drug Pricing to Senate Committee of Finance Chairman

Employer groups have sent a letter to Senate Committee on Finance Chairman Sen. Ron Wyden to urge him to protect all Americans from ever-rising prescription drug prices.

Letter to Congressional Leadership re: Prescription Drug Pricing

PBGH Letter to Congressional Leadership re: Aducanumab pricing