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Transform Maternity Care

The cost of maternity care represents American employers’ second-highest annual health care expenditure. Yet U.S. maternal infant health outcomes remain among the worst in the developed world. Health care purchasers and patients deserve better.

That’s why PBGH works with employers, providers and health plans to develop a maternity care system that embraces high-value services, reduces outcomes variation and incentivizes safety across the prenatal, perinatal and postpartum care continuum.

Program Contact

Blair Dudley
Director, Transform Maternity

Programs and Initiatives

Reduce Cesarean Sections

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Unnecessary C-sections pose higher risks for mother and child and are more expensive than vaginal births. Here’s how we’re working to reduce overutilization.

Expand Use of Nurse-Midwives

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Increasing midwifery utilization helps improve maternal care quality, affordability and the patient experience.

Shifting reimbursement incentives for maternal care supports improved quality and reduced costs.


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