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Measuring What Matters

Employers have long advocated for meaningful measures of health care quality to help employees choose doctors and hospitals and to help employers choose health plans and reward provider networks that deliver superior care. Today providers, health plans and governments report an abundance of measures, yet most do not tell patients and health care purchasers what they need to know about whether people are getting good quality care.

PBGH is committed to measuring quality of care with information that comes directly from the patient. By capturing patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) and surveys of patient experience, employers are better able to identify, work with and reward those health care organizations that demonstrate improved patient health. PBGH is a national leader in redesigning how quality is measured and reported as the basis of a transformed, patient-centered health care system.

Whether it’s helping patients and employers compare providers and health plans, assessing patient satisfaction and outcomes, or quantifying performance for specific interventions and procedures, PBGH’s efforts are designed to increase accountability and improved value across the health care continuum.

Programs Measuring What Matters

Patient-Reported Outcome Measures

Patient-reported outcome measures are among the most effective tools for enhancing care quality, reducing cost, improving the patient experience and supporting equitable, value-based care.

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Patient-Reported Outcomes — Mental Health

PBGH develops, implements and tests patient-reported mental health measures to improve treatment.

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Patient-Reported Outcomes — Oncology

This pioneering PBGH patient-reporting program seeks to track variations in symptoms experienced by patients undergoing curative chemotherapy to help optimize their treatments and ease their transition to cancer survivorship.

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Patient Assessment Survey Program

The nation’s largest statewide program, the Patient Assessment Survey ranks providers based on the care experience of 40,000 patients annually.

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PBGH Health Value Index

A first-of-its-kind tool backed by the purchasing power of more than two dozen large employers.

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Contract Review and Negotiation

Ensure your vendor and service provider agreements and contracts are compliant with CAA rules and regulations.

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