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We Do More Than

Advocate for Change.

We Make It Happen.

What We Do

PBGH is a nonprofit coalition representing nearly 40 private employers and public entities across the U.S. that collectively spend $350 billion annually purchasing health care services for more than 21 million Americans and their families. PBGH has a 30-year track record of incubating and scaling new, disruptive operational programs that lower health care costs and increase quality across the U.S.


The PBGH Difference


Purchaser Only: Moving markets requires a clear and consistent purpose and set of priorities. That’s why PBGH represents the interests of health care purchasers only, distinguishing us from traditional business organizations and other trade associations that include health care industry members. While PBGH closely partners and collaborates with providers, payers and policymakers to scale innovative models that improve health outcomes and affordability, we do not maintain alignments with vendors or other interests that would impede work necessary to influence the health care market in service of health care purchasers and consumers.

On-the-Ground Implementation: PBGH is the only national business group working directly in the health care delivery system with providers and payers to improve care, test innovations and make the changes that bring value to health care purchasers and consumers. We empower our members to take action through novel contracting, measurement, quality improvement, policy and other approaches to alter the way health care is paid for and delivered.


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PBGH develops long-term solutions that help ensure true health care equity for all Americans.

Our three areas of strategic focus incorporate a wide range of approaches, but all are informed by a single imperative: Helping your organization receive the greatest value from every health care dollar spent.
Venn Diagram about Transforming Health Care Value, Advancing Quality, Driving Affordability, Fostering Equity

Advancing Quality
Ensuring American workers and consumers receive consistently high-quality health care services that enhance their lives, work and productivity.

Driving Affordability
Eliminating unnecessary health care spending with innovative, scalable initiatives that incentivize the delivery of high-quality care.

Fostering Equity
Developing long-term solutions that help ensure true health care equity for all Americans.


Practical Solutions to Help Your Organization Overcome Health Care’s Thorniest Challenges

There is a remarkable disconnect between those paying for health care and those providing it. As a health benefits leader, you know better than anyone how challenging it is to offer the quality care employees and health care consumers deserve. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and its devastating health and financial impacts, purchasers recognize that the status quo is no longer an option.

PBGH is made up of a team of experts, specialists and industry veterans that are committed to solving the systemic problems that collectively threaten the future of our health care system. We work with private and public purchasers of health care to test and implement strategies and tools that can disrupt the status quo to achieve better health outcomes at lower costs.