Our Impact

PBGH has a long history of developing, incubating and launching innovative operational programs and scaling successful approaches on behalf of and in partnership with large employers.

View the PBGH Impact Report.

PBGH Impact Report

PBGH works directly with employers and large public purchasers to advance initiatives that help them identify and purchase the highest quality health care services on behalf of working Americans.

Driving Affordability by Reducing Wasteful Pharmaceutical Spending

PBGH studied wasteful pharmaceutical spending and discovered a twisted and opaque supply chain that often favored higher-priced unnecessary drugs. 

Redesigning Care Delivery for a Healthier Population

PBGH led a statewide Practice Transformation Network in California as part of a CMS-funded four-year Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative.

Reducing Cost by Increasing the Quality of Employee Care

PBGH in partnership with eight large employers designed the Employers Centers of Excellence (ECEN) program to increase employees’ access to high-quality care for elective surgeries.