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PBGH Advisory Services

As the market dynamics shift and new regulations emerge, PBGH ensures your organization is poised to navigate the complexities of the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA). With ERISA’s “prudent expert” standard now applied to health plan fiduciaries, our suite of services is tailored to ensure your organization remains compliant. We help you leverage innovative cost-saving strategies and proactively monitor your programs for optimal performance.

4 Reasons Why PBGH is Your Trusted Partner for Achieving Fiduciary Success and CAA Innovation and Compliance:

  1. Unconflicted Advisor: PBGH is a mission-based organization with 35 years working solely in the interest of employers and purchasers. We are an unconflicted partner dedicated to the success of our customers.
  2. Unparalleled Expertise: Our team, renowned for bringing health care innovations like Employer Center of Excellence Network (ECEN) and advanced primary care (APC) to market, demonstrates a proven track record in the industry. PBGH excels in bringing together public and private sectors for collective impact, fostering collaborative solutions. Our engagement in shaping health policy sets us apart, as we leverage our expertise for broader systemic change.
  3. Tailored Solution: Each project is carefully customized to meet your unique requirements and objectives.
  4. Clear and Fair Pricing: Our pricing is transparent and based on the scope of your project, guaranteeing that you receive true value for your investment.


Won Andersen
Chief Operating Officer

Fiduciary Services

Enhance your organization’s fiduciary governance with our comprehensive services, focused on developing and implementing advanced structures, processes, policies and oversight strategies. Our approach ensures the highest level of fiduciary responsibility and efficiency in alignment with your unique needs.

Fiduciary Training and Learning

Read More about Fiduciary Training and Learning

Enhance your team’s understanding and compliance with CAA requirements through our tailored training curriculum. Designed for benefits, compliance, finance and leadership teams, our program covers critical aspects of CAA compliance including gag clauses, governance oversight, transparency requirements and more.

Vendor, Consultant and Broker Independent Selection

Read More about Vendor, Consultant and Broker Independent Selection

Ensure your vendor, benefit consultants and brokers provide you with unconflicted, transparent and reliable information and are working in your best interest at a reasonable cost.

Data Analytics Services

Network Optimization with Hospital and TiC Data (CAA Data)

Read More about Network Optimization with Hospital and TiC Data (CAA Data)

Using a unique combination of in-depth measurement and technical expertise in conjunction with newly available CAA data, gain the insights you need to make effective and efficient decisions on how to optimize your network in a specific geography and meet your fiduciary obligations.

Maximize available health and claims data to gain insights to ensure your vendors, providers and program effectiveness.

Data Vendor Selection and Plan Management

Read More about Data Vendor Selection and Plan Management

Get comprehensive, unconflicted assistance in the vetting and selection process of data vendors to optimize your health care spend.

Direct Contracting Services

Direct Contracting Strategy and Support

Read More about Direct Contracting Strategy and Support

Benefit from specialized expertise to develop and implement direct contracting strategies for better outcomes and lower total costs. Our comprehensive approach addresses all aspects of direct contracting, from assessing your unique needs to selecting partners and negotiating terms.

Service Provider (Vendors, Carriers, Point Solutions) Contract Management

Read More about Service Provider (Vendors, Carriers, Point Solutions) Contract Management

Streamline your interactions with service providers using our contract management service. We focus on ensuring your contracts are compliant and favorable, aligning them with your key goals. Our team simplifies and manages the complex details of contract terms, ensuring you receive the best possible outcomes.

Strategy Consulting Services

Supplier Innovation Summit

Read More about Supplier Innovation Summit

Enhance your program by partnering with top-tier suppliers who offer innovative solutions tailored to the evolving needs of your workforce.


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