Primary Care Payment Reform Workgroup

The PBGH Primary Care Payment Reform Work Group is an employer/purchaser-led initiative to remove barriers to better health outcomes by shifting away from traditional fee-for-service payment and toward alternative payment models that support the provision of “advanced primary care.” This includes payment that enable team-based care, integration with mental health, robust virtual access and other characteristics of advanced care.

The workgroup’s objectives include:

  • Building purchaser consensus for new payment models that support and enable advanced primary care.
  • Identifying and endorsing a core set of measures to reflect the better patient outcomes and experience of advanced primary care.
  • Developing sample contract language to support advanced primary care payment.
  • Engaging purchasers to monitor progress toward payment models that enable advanced primary care practice.
  • Facilitating alignment with other regional primary care transformation efforts.
  • Considering options for working more directly with provider organizations.


Primary Care Payment Reform Workgroup Q&A February 16, 2021

Past Events and Training

April 20, 2021

Primary Care Payment Reform Workgroup

Employers know that primary care is essential to a healthy workforce and employees’ access to a high-value health care system.