September 30, 2021

Quality Improvement Project to Modernize Primary Care Launched

Covered California and CalPERS Will Pilot a Set of Performance Measures to Emphasize Patient Experience and Outcomes of Care in 2022 Health Plan Contracts to Encourage High-Quality, High-Value Primary Care

Covered California, the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) and the Purchaser Business Group on Health (PBGH) are partnering to launch a pilot program to promote improvement in primary care which will benefit all Californians.

The partnership includes introducing a set of performance measures that reflect a shared standard of Advanced Primary Care as defined by PBGH’s California Quality Collaborative (CQC), a health care improvement program dedicated to helping care teams gain the expertise, infrastructure and tools needed to advance patient-centered care. The measures focused on health outcomes, patient safety and patient experience are designed to encourage high-quality, high-value primary care statewide starting January 2022.

Advanced primary care places patients at the center of every interaction and prioritizes access to high-quality primary care to promote continuity of care and to prevent higher acuity, costlier care which makes for a healthier California.

Purchasers are seeking to transition to an approach that recognizes the outcomes and experience of the care patients receive as a way of identifying high-quality primary care. To support the transition, PBGH’s California Quality Collaborative has defined a set of specific measures to improve the delivery of primary care services through a one-of-a kind multi-stakeholder process that includes input from purchasers, health plans, providers and patients.

“Large employers and public health care purchasers want to know they are paying for high-quality health care,” said Elizabeth Mitchell, President and CEO of PBGH. “We need an approach to primary care that ensures excellent patient outcomes and quality-of-care. This pilot affords us an opportunity to demonstrate that kind of approach can work.”

Covered California provides coverage for 1.6 million Californians and will contract with 12 health plans in 2022. Covered California is piloting the measure set to build on current health plan contract requirements to support advanced primary care, including ensuring all patients have access to a primary care provider and implementing alternative payment models for primary care. Informed by the results of the pilot, Covered California intends to incorporate the measure set into all health plan contracts to increase advanced primary care practices within all health plan networks.

“Raising the bar on the quality of care delivered not only leads to better outcomes for Californians, it also continues our mission to address the underlying costs of care, and making coverage more affordable to everyone,” said Dr. Alice Chen, Covered California’s Chief Medical Officer. “Covered California is committed to going beyond just getting people health care coverage — we want to make sure consumers are getting the quality care they need – and that starts with high-performing primary care.”

CalPERS provides health benefits for 1.5 million California public employees, retirees and their families. CalPERS will pilot the measure set in its 2022 health plan contracts to assess the use of advanced primary care practices by plan networks and providers. This pilot period will inform future requirements for health plans to address the variation in performance of their contracted primary care practices.

“As the largest purchaser of public employee benefits in California, CalPERS has long advocated that patient-centered primary care is vital in the delivery of exceptional health care for our members,” said Dr. Julia Logan, CalPERS Chief Medical Officer. “We look forward to piloting this measure set in our contracts to drive higher quality health care that improves our members’ experience.”

Performance across the suite of measures will allow purchasers and patients to identify practices delivering advanced primary care and strengthen the development and implementation of alternate payment models. Successful incorporation of the measures into Covered California and CalPERS contracts are expected to elevate the standard of primary care in the state of California and provide a model for other large health care purchasers.

Read more about the how CQC defined the standards for advanced primary care here.






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