A History of Pioneering Advanced Primary Care

PBGH has been a pioneer in defining and promoting the adoption of advanced primary care.

2014 | Practice Improvement Initiative

PBGH’s multi-stakeholder driven California Quality Collaborative program launches practice improvement initiative to achieve high-performing primary care at six Southern California medical groups.

2015 | Practice Transformation Initiative Begins

PBGH’s California Quality Collaborative wins $18.4 million CMS grant to scale the primary care improvement effort statewide with the Practice Transformation Initiative (PTI).

2019 | Practice Transformation Initiative Ends

Almost 50,000 hospital bed days avoided, emergency room utilization sharply reduced and total savings of about $186 million. Read more results.

2019 | Development of Advanced Primary Care Standards Begins

PBGH’s California Quality Collaborative begins working with a multistakeholder group to identify common standards of advanced primary care.

2020 | Advanced Primary Care Attributes

PBGH’s California Quality Collaborative defines practice attributes of advanced primary care, focusing on health outcomes, including patient-reported outcomes, patient safety, patient experience and high-value care.

2020 | National Primary Care Payment Reform Workgroup

PBGH launches the National Primary Care Payment Reform Workgroup, an employer-purchaser-led initiative, to build consensus for new payment models that support and enable advanced primary care.

2021 | Advanced Primary Care Measures

PBGH’s California Quality Collaborative develops a common advanced primary care measure set

2021 | Developing a Common Purchasing Agreement

The PBGH National Primary Care Payment Reform Workgroup develops and endorses a common purchasing agreement designed to accelerate the transition from fee-for-service reimbursement to a payment system that supports advanced primary care, with expectations for a three-year health plan implementation process.

2021 | PBGH Primary Care Payment Reform Summit

Nearly 200 employers, public purchasers, health plans, providers and other stakeholders convene for the PBGH Primary Care Payment Reform Summit, a groundbreaking event hosted by The Boeing Company to advance common priorities for innovative primary care payment reform and share a finalized purchasing agreement with payers and providers; several planned regional implementation pilots are announced.

2021 | Advanced Primary Care Measurement Pilot Begins

PBGH brings together four large purchasers in California, including Covered California, California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS), eBay and San Francisco Health Services System, for a pilot program to test statewide feasibility of PBGH’s advanced primary care measures for practice-level performance and future inclusion in the purchasers’ payer contracts.

2022 | California Advanced Primary Care Initiative MOU

Six of California’s largest payers sign an agreement committing to increasing investment in and access to advanced primary care after five months of planning sessions convened by PBGH’s California Quality Collaborative and the Integrated Healthcare Association.

2023 | Advanced Primary Care Request for Information (RFI)

PBGH issued a collective RFI on behalf of members to identify provider practices that meet established standards of advanced primary care and that are willing to partner. PBGH members will use these results in network design and/or in direct contracting arrangements.