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Employers know that primary care is essential to a healthy workforce and employees’ access to a high-value health care system. Studies show that robust systems of primary care can lower overall health care utilization, disease and death rates and increase the use of preventive services. Strong primary care also may reduce the negative effects of income inequality and is associated with more effective and equitable health services.

For this reason, the Purchaser Business Group on Health (PBGH) has worked for the better part of the last decade to revitalize primary care. Through successive initiatives and in collaboration with a diverse group of committed stakeholders, PBGH has spearheaded efforts to create a blueprint for optimized primary care. The objectives are to fully utilize primary care’s potential to improve health outcomes, integrate behavioral health and reduce costs to the health care system.


Resources available to PBGH members:

Common Measure Set: A set of clearly defined health plan requirements and accountability expectations focused on advanced primary care.

Memorandum of Understanding for Payers: An agreement whereby organizations commit to increase investment in and access to advanced primary care.

Common Purchasing Agreements for Health Plans and Providers: Purchaser-endorsed standards to help achieve high-value equitable care.

Advanced Primary Care RFI: A template purchasers can use to help contract for advanced primary care.

Health Value Index: Specific performance indicators that create actionable insight into a purchaser’s health plan spending.


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Program Contact

Lucy McDermott
Associate Director, Primary Care Payment Reform and Innovation


Advanced Primary Care Employer Resource Package

Our resource package available to PBGH members.