Patient & Family Engagement

Organization Level Resources

Making the Case

PFE Evidence & ROI (CQC & Mary Minniti)

Designing the Best: Through the Eyes of the Patient (CQC & Susan Edgeman Levitan)

– overview of the power of PFE in practice transformation

The Case for Shared Decision Making Share & Learn Webinar

HCP emerging PFE stories for CMS

PAMF emerging PFE stories for CMS

Journey mapping instructions

Journey mapping overview PowerPoint

Organization Level Resources

Patient Activation

The Case for Patient Activation – Share & Learn

What the Evidence Shows About Patient Activation (Hibbard)

ACE Measure Description/Survey + Article (Altarum) – PAM alternative

Practice Level Resources

Shared Agenda Setting

Shared Agenda Setting Form (Ravenswood Family Health Center)

10 Building Block On-Demand Webinars: Overview and history

10 Building Block On-Demand Webinars: Core steps to caring for patients with complex needs

Select External Resources

Health Coaching

Health Coaching Encounter Roadmap – Kaiser

Health Coaching Tools (UCSF CEPC) – other

Selected Articles Patient Team Partnership

Select External Resources

Patient And Family Advisory Committee

Forming a PFAC – AMA

Patient Advisor Application (IPFCC) – editable template

PFAC case study AHRQ

Tools to Engage Patients in QI

Tools to Engage Patients in QI:

Focus Groups: An Essential Tool of Patient Centered Care (Planetree)

Patient Partner Welcome packet (Partnering with Patients) – editable template

Patient Engagement Toolkit (Partnering with Patients)

editable template and explores the levels organizations can take to engage patients