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Fostering Health Equity

From access to outcomes, the health care experience in the U.S. for people across all disadvantaged races and socioeconomic groups is often problematic and substandard, a fact underscored by the continuing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. PBGH is working on several fronts to develop long-term solutions that will help ensure true health care equity for all Americans.

Initiatives to Enhance Equity

PBGH Health Value Index

A first-of-its-kind tool backed by the purchasing power of more than two dozen large employers.

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Transform Maternity Care

PBGH works with employers, providers and health plans to develop a maternity care system that embraces high-value services, reduces outcomes variation and incentivizes safety.

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Equity and Quality at Independent Practices in LA County (2023-2025)

Equity and Quality at Independent Practices in LA County is a two-year improvement collaborative focused on accelerating quality improvement in small, independent primary care practices serving Medi-Cal enrollees of color in Los Angeles County.

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CQC Behavioral Health Integration Initiative

Meeting patients’ mental health needs and considering social impacts on their health are fundamental to providing comprehensive, patient-centered and high-quality care.

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Patient-Reported Outcome Measures

Patient-reported outcome measures are among the most effective tools for enhancing care quality, reducing cost, improving the patient experience and supporting equitable, value-based care.

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Patient Assessment Survey Program

The nation’s largest statewide program, the Patient Assessment Survey ranks providers based on the care experience of 40,000 patients annually.

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Influencing Policy

PBGH is committed to containing unrelenting annual health care cost increases that impose an intolerable financial burden on patients and limit employers’ ability to grow and compete globally.

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