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Advancing Quality

For all the money you’re spending on employee health care, are you buying better health for your employees and their families? Too often, the answer to that question is no.

At PBGH, we know that better health care costs less and that the quality of care delivered profoundly impacts employees’ work, lives and productivity. PBGH has pioneered the development of increasingly sophisticated tools to help determine what matters most when it comes to identifying and achieving the highest quality health care. That insight supports the work our experts do directly with clinicians to promote transformative care models shown to improve medical outcomes and lower costs.

Programs that Advance Quality

California Quality Collaborative

California Quality Collaborative (CQC) is a health care improvement program dedicated to helping providers gain the expertise, infrastructure and tools they need to advance care quality, improve efficiency and thrive in today’s rapidly changing environment.

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Transform Maternity Care

PBGH works with employers, providers and health plans to develop a maternity care system that embraces high-value services, reduces outcomes variation and incentivizes safety.

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Patient-Reported Outcome Measures

Patient-reported outcome measures are among the most effective tools for enhancing care quality, reducing cost, improving the patient experience and supporting equitable, value-based care.

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Patient Assessment Survey Program

The nation’s largest statewide program, the Patient Assessment Survey ranks providers based on the care experience of 40,000 patients annually.

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PBGH Health Value Index

A first-of-its-kind tool backed by the purchasing power of more than two dozen large employers.

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Care Transformation

PBGH works with a range of health care stakeholders to develop and spread the most effective models that reduce costs, improve population health, patient care quality and satisfaction.

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Primary Care

Employers know that primary care is essential to a healthy workforce and employees’ access to a high-value health care system.

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Specialty Care

PBGH provides pioneering quality measurement programs that form the foundation of work with large employers to expand payment models that encourage greater use of high-value specialty services.

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PBGH is pushing forward on a broad front to solidify and expand telehealth’s recent gains due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including improving access to primary care and enabling team-based models that integrate behavioral health care.

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Strengthening Mental Health

Purchasers recognize the significant impact that underlying mental health issues have on employees, their clinical outcomes and overall health care costs.

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Payment Reform and Quality Improvement

PBGH works with policymakers to advance the development and application of alternative payment models that hold providers accountable for quality of care.

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