The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a rapid expansion in virtual care that will likely be sustained once the public health emergency abates. During the height of the pandemic, fear of infection and stay-at-home orders meant many practices stopped seeing patients in person for routine care. The relaxation of government regulations further spurred the widespread national adoption of telehealth.

Going forward, telehealth holds great promise for improving primary care by increasing access, enhancing the patient experience and enabling team-based care models. It can also support health equity by facilitating access to care for lower socioeconomic patients who may lack transportation or not have sick leave.

PBGH is pushing forward on a broad front to solidify and maximize telehealth’s recent gains.  Specifically, we’re:

  • Tailoring webinars and other technical assistance to independent practice associations and small, independent practices with platform-neutral guidance on telehealth best practices
  • Partnering with other support organizations and advocates to implement immediate changes to state and federal policy and regulation to support providers’ extended use of telehealth
  • Supporting regulatory flexibility for a patient-centered approach to telehealth that is aligned with reimbursement policy changes and long-term value-based payment reform
  • Advocating for self-insured employers to support virtual care as a component of advanced primary care
  • Leading a two-year learning collaborative for seven California provider organizations aimed at improving virtual care for chronic condition management
  • Supporting survey dissemination and analysis to capture the patient experience in telehealth

Programs and Initiatives

Payment Reform and Quality Improvement

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PBGH works with policymakers to advance the development and application of alternative payment models that hold providers accountable for quality of care.

The CalHIVE (Health-Impact-Value-Engagement) Network is a two-year improvement collaborative providing technical assistance to clinicians to improve remote chronic disease management of patients with diabetes and asthma within the primary care setting.

PBGH has developed a set of Advanced Primary Care attributes used by payers, providers and health care purchasers to incentivize high-quality, lower-cost primary care with patients at the center of every interaction.

Patient-Reported Outcome Measures

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Patient-reported outcome measures are among the most effective tools for enhancing care quality, reducing cost, improving the patient experience and supporting equitable, value-based care.


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