Specialty Care

Treating cancer and mental health issues and providing maternity services, among other types of specialty care, often result in high costs and uneven quality for both employers and their employees.

PBGH offers pioneering patient-reporting programs that track variations in care to help optimize patients’ treatments, and we work as a strategic and technical partner with large employers to expand payment models that encourage greater use of high-value specialty services.

Programs and Initiatives

Patient-Reported Outcomes — Oncology

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This pioneering PBGH patient-reporting program seeks to track variations in symptoms experienced by patients undergoing curative chemotherapy to help optimize their treatments and ease their transition to cancer survivorship.

Behavioral Health Integration

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PBGH is supporting the development of tools and systems that can enhance the continuity and coordination of physical and mental health in the primary care setting.

Transform Maternity Care

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PBGH works with employers, providers and health plans to develop a maternity care system that embraces high-value services, reduces outcomes variation and incentivizes safety.