CalHIVE Improvement Collaboratives

CalHIVE (Health-Impact-Value-Engagement) Improvement Collaboratives are multi-year technical assistance programs. CQC provides a range of coaching and educational opportunities to program participants to help create a sustainable health care system that works for all Californians. Technical assistance includes individualized coaching by experts, learning activities such as virtual peer sharing and site visits and data insights and analytics.


CalHIVE Behavioral Health Integration (2023-2026)

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The CalHIVE Behavioral Health Integration Improvement Collaborative is a three-year program operated by PBGH’s California Quality Collaborative (CQC) that begins July 2023 and will focus on supporting California-based primary care practices as they integrate behavioral health services.

Equity and Quality at Independent Practices in LA County (2023-2025)

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Equity and Quality at Independent Practices in LA County is a two-year improvement collaborative focused on accelerating quality improvement in small, independent primary care practices serving Medi-Cal enrollees of color in Los Angeles County.

CalHIVE Telehealth & Virtual Care (2020 – 2022)

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The CalHIVE Telehealth & Virtual Care Improvement Collaborative was a two-year improvement collaborative providing technical assistance to clinicians to improve remote chronic disease management of patients with diabetes and asthma within the primary care setting.

Practice Transformation Initiative (2016 – 2019)

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The Practice Transformation Initiative (PTI) was a four-year initiative that engaged 4,800 clinicians statewide contracted with provider organizations to improve measures of cost, quality and patient experience.


CQC Success Story | BH Screening and Brief Intervention for Referral and Treatment

Past Events and Training

June 13, 2023

Behavioral Health Integration Fundamentals: Concepts & Models

Integrating behavioral health into primary care is essential for providers looking to deliver patient-centered, high-quality and whole-person care. Yet many health care organizations struggle with knowing where to begin.