CalHIVE Network

The CalHIVE (Health-Impact-Value-Engagement) Network, a multi-year collaborative operated by the California Quality Collaborative, aims to improve care for people with diabetes or asthma by maximizing the use of virtual care tools.

CalHIVE provides a range of coaching and educational opportunities to ensure providers will lead the way in creating a sustainable health care system that works for everyone. Technical assistance includes individualized coaching by experts, learning activities (including skills training, virtual peer sharing, and site visits), data insights and analytics.

CalHIVE’s participants are seven provider organizations representing 1,300 clinicians located in eight counties throughout Southern California, the Inland Empire and the Central Valley. Participating organizations include:

The CalHIVE Network builds on CQC’s, four-year Practice Transformation Initiative — which engaged over 4,500 physicians providing care for 3.1 million patients and generated $186 million in cost savings, or $10.11 for every dollar invested. The program produced dramatic reductions in emergency room utilization and hospitalizations and equally impressive gains in care quality.


CalHIVE is possible thanks to the generous support of CVS Health and the California Health Care Foundation.




CalHIVE Brief: Integrated Technical Assistance

PBGH Launches Primary Care Collaborative to Improve Chronic Disease Care in a Virtual Setting

PBGH announces a new program designed to improve care for patients with chronic disease within the primary care setting by fully optimizing the tools of virtual health care.

CalHIVE Program Prospectus

Past Events and Training

January 28, 2021

CalHIVE/Resilient Primary Care: Strengthening Your Telehealth Strategy

In this webinar, we were joined by David Ford of the California Medical Association as presenters shared a framework to strategically plan around telehealth and virtual care.

November 12, 2020

CMA & CQC Joint Webinar – Lessons from the Field: Post-Telehealth Implementation

Joint webinar with the California Medical Association (CMA) where attendees heard from clinician speakers who offered technology, workflow, and documentation improvements tested and adopted in virtual and hybrid care settings.

October 22, 2020

Primary & Maternity Care Integration

We learned what primary care practices can do to improve the health of pregnant individuals.

August 6, 2020

Optimize Virtual Chronic Disease Care

Attendees discussed opportunities and identified challenges in sustaining virtual chronic disease care, and heard how participation in our CalHIVE Network can improve telehealth operations.

Program Staff

Crystal Eubanks
Senior Director, Care Redesign
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Peter Robertson
Director, Insights, Analytics & Data Management
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Kristina Mody
Senior Manager, Care Redesign
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J.R. Garcia
Senior Manager, Care Redesign
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Jose Ordoñez
Data Analyst
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Michael Au
Project Manager, Care Redesign
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