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Tackling Market Consolidation

Anti-competitive practices that stifle employers’ ability to negotiate for the best health care value for their workers has become a growing concern. There is an increase in consolidation leading health systems, insurers and private equity to use their market leverage in ways that cost companies and their workers. What’s more, hospital mergers lead to higher prices, with no evidence of improved quality and with poorer patient experience. PBGH supports both legislative and legal action to reign in market consolidation leading to higher-cost, lower-quality medical care.

Hospital Consolidation

Sutter Health

PBGH brought employers and unions together with California’s Attorney General to successfully file a class action suit against Sutter Health’s use of market power and monopolistic business practices that cost employers and employees. This has been a 10-year effort by PBGH that was settled December 2019. 

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Federal Policy Solutions

PBGH has a track record of advocating for a market environment of healthy competition and successfully influencing both state policy.

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State Policy Solutions

PBGH advocates for federal policy to enhance, among other priorities, value-based purchasing and the restriction of anti-competitive practices ​in order to improve affordability and quality.

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