December 20, 2021

National Employer Group Urges Congress to Continue Pursuing Drug Price Reform

The Purchaser Business Group on Health calls on Congress to continue efforts to rein in drug prices, despite Sunday’s announcement by Sen. Joe Manchin III (D-W.Va.) that he could not support President Biden’s Build Back Better Act, which included provisions to protect the American people from high prescription drug costs.

Already high drug prices are continuing to rise during the pandemic, every day bankrupting families, putting financial strain on businesses and dragging down the U.S. economy. Doing nothing is simply not an option. Congress must continue to pursue policy solutions that contain drug prices for everyone, including the roughly 180 million workers and families who receive health coverage through employers.

Our elected officials owe it to the American public to address prescription drug costs. Voters across the political spectrum support efforts to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices and hold down price increases in drugs, provisions that were included in the Build Back Better Act. They are joined by business leaders who have said they need help controlling ever-rising drug costs.

The inability to afford prescription drugs is not an issue exclusive to people eligible for Medicare. A survey by the West Health Policy Institute and Gallup found that the highest proportion of people who report difficulty affording drugs are aged 50-64, and thus not yet eligible for Medicare.

Congress must continue its work to bring the American public relief from crippling drug costs.