Practice Facilitation

Organization Level Resources

Developing a Practice Facilitation Program

Stories of transformation: HealthCare Partners

Stories of transformation: Allied Pacific IPA

Stories of transformation: Riverside Physician Network

PO Aim Statement Worksheet

PTI Driver Diagram

Driver Diagram Template

Organization Level Resources

Assessing & Recruiting Practice Facilitators

Sample Practice Coach Job Description

Practice Coach Roles & Responsibilities

PF Competency Assessment Tool

Organization Level Resources

Skills Training

Adult Learning Principles Share & Learn

August 2017 – overview, six core factors of learning

Skills Workshop: Managing your work

Skills Workshop: Creating QI plans

Skills Workshop: Building capacity & motivation for change

Skills Workshop: Facilitating Learning for transformation

Skills Workshop: Accelerating improvements toward targets 1 of 2

Skills Workshop: Accelerating improvements toward targets 2 of 2

Skills Workshop: Influencing for change

Skills Workshop: Storytelling for transformation

Skills Workshop: Practice Facilitation Skills Workshop, Designing Effective Learning

Skills Workshop: Building relationships

Skills Workshop: Designing effective learning events

Skills Workshop: Building a culture of QI

Skills Workshop: Moving practices from aims to action

Skills Workshop: Measurement matters

Practice Level Resources

Engaging Practices in the Work of Change

Toolkit: Drafting Your Practice Engagement Plan (PEP) Worksheet

identify practices to engage, how to staff your program, and incorporating baseline assessment data

Healthcare Partners PEP Toolkit Example

Practice Portfolio Management Tool

ACE presentation at International practice Facilitation Conference

10 Building Block On-Demand Webinars: Overview and history

10 Building Blocks On-Demand Webinars: Calculating and weighting panels

10 Building Blocks On-Demand Webinars: Continuous panel size management

10 Building Block On-Demand Webinars: Health coaching strategies for engaging patients in care

10 Building Blocks On-Demand Webinars: Team Based Approach to Panel Management

10 Building Blocks On-Demand Webinars: Core steps to caring for patients with complex needs

10 Building Blocks On-Demand Webinars: Understanding common metrics and approaches to improve access

Select External Resources


Developing and running a PF program (AHRQ)

AHRQ Quickstart Guide

AHRQ Curriculum

Practice Facilitation Webinars (AHRQ)

Tip Sheet on how a PF can support your practice

Practice Facilitator’s Guide to Visiting Clinical Teams Safety Net Medical Home Initiative

Enhancing the Primary Care Team to Provide Redesigned Care

The Roles of Practice Facilitators and Care Managers