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CQC Newsletter – March 2024

Pioneering a new era in primary care financing, hybrid payments offer a promising alternative to traditional fee-for-service models, focusing on quality over quantity to enhance patient outcomes and system efficiency.

CQC Newsletter – February 2024

Alternative Payment Models that incentivize clinicians to provide high-quality, cost-efficient care beyond traditional fee-for-service payments hold the potential to expand access, improve outcomes and address health disparities.

CQC Newsletter – January 2024

Through the California Advanced Primary Care Initiative, CQC and partner Integrated Healthcare Association are working to strengthen the state’s delivery system through critical efforts such as the development of a common value-based payment model that increases investment in primary care.

CQC Newsletter – October 2023

A fundamental way in which CQC supports provider organizations in their critical practice transformation work is through its multi-year technical assistance programs, the CalHIVE Improvement Collaboratives.

CQC Newsletter – August 2023

With 70% of primary care visits involving individuals experiencing mental health issues, integrating behavioral health into the primary care setting is one way to better ensure patients get the care they need.

CQC Newsletter – June 2023

A recent California Health Care Foundation publication details a collective effort by the state’s largest public purchasers, which provide care to more than 18 million Californians, to negotiate contracts with health plans.

CQC Newsletter – April 2023

California Health Care Foundation (CHCF) has become a sponsor of CQC for 2023 and 2024! CHCF’s commitment and funding will support our efforts to place equity at the center of CQC’s aims and align with Medi-Cal priorities.

CQC Newsletter – February 2023

California-based provider organizations: Kickstart your behavioral health integration journey with the CalHIVE Behavioral Health Integration Improvement Collaborative.

CQC Newsletter – December 2022

Our efforts are furthering advanced primary care, accelerating behavioral health integration into primary care practices and improving access and outcomes of virtual care for Californians.

CQC Newsletter – October 2022

CQC’s Behavioral Health Integration Initiative will support behavioral health integration efforts by small and independent primary care practices throughout the State of California.

CQC Newsletter – July 2022

Six health care organizations serving California have signed an MOU to increase investment in and access to Advanced Primary Care.

CQC Newsletter – April 2022

As CQC continues initiatives to define and scale Advanced Primary Care, collaboration with stakeholders across California is crucial.

CQC Newsletter – February 2022

CQC continues to define, measure and scale high quality, efficient and patient-centered primary care, known as Advanced Primary Care.

CQC Newsletter – December 2021

Highlights from CQC’s work in 2021 to improve health care for Californians.

CQC Newsletter – October 2021

New resources to guide organizations in their improvement initiatives to integrate behavioral health services.

CQC Newsletter – August 2021

This newsletter includes examples of data collection advances that support health equity.

CQC Newsletter – June 2021

How to identify and support practices implementing Advanced Primary Care, and more.

CQC Newsletter – May 2021

Spotlighting how California health plans and provider groups are working to ensure everyone has a shot to beat COVID.

CQC Newsletter – February 2021

CQC-defined standards of Advanced Primary Care from consensus to implementation.

CQC Newsletter – December 2020

In October, CQC launched our latest improvement collaborative, the CalHIVE Network.

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