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CQC Newsletter – December 2022

Our efforts are furthering advanced primary care, accelerating behavioral health integration into primary care practices and improving access and outcomes of virtual care for Californians.

CQC Newsletter – October 2022

CQC’s Behavioral Health Integration Initiative will support behavioral health integration efforts by small and independent primary care practices throughout the State of California.

CQC Newsletter – July 2022

Six health care organizations serving California have signed an MOU to increase investment in and access to Advanced Primary Care.

CQC Newsletter – April 2022

As CQC continues initiatives to define and scale Advanced Primary Care, collaboration with stakeholders across California is crucial.

CQC Newsletter – February 2022

CQC continues to define, measure and scale high quality, efficient and patient-centered primary care, known as Advanced Primary Care.

CQC Newsletter – December 2021

Highlights from CQC’s work in 2021 to improve health care for Californians.

CQC Newsletter – October 2021

New resources to guide organizations in their improvement initiatives to integrate behavioral health services.

CQC Newsletter – August 2021

This newsletter includes examples of data collection advances that support health equity.

CQC Newsletter – June 2021

How to identify and support practices implementing Advanced Primary Care, and more.

CQC Newsletter – May 2021

Spotlighting how California health plans and provider groups are working to ensure everyone has a shot to beat COVID.

CQC Newsletter – February 2021

CQC-defined standards of Advanced Primary Care from consensus to implementation.

CQC Newsletter – December 2020

In October, CQC launched our latest improvement collaborative, the CalHIVE Network.

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