Patient-Reported Outcomes — Mental Health

Patient-reported outcomes generate important information to help clinicians better deliver mental health treatment. They also enable patients more actively participate in their own care.

Unfortunately, most patient-reported mental health measures to date have been inconsistent and incomplete, factors which have diminished their value and applicability. But thanks to a joint initiative by PBGH and the Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA), a consistent set of 35 patient-reported measures is now available for use in California and around the country.

The measure set was developed with extensive provider, payer and employer input, and includes mental health screening, follow-up and outcomes measures. This set is currently being tested by 20 health systems in California for inclusion in shared-risk and performance-based payment models.

Separately, PBGH is collaborating with IHA to implement a depression screening measure across 20 Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). The initiative is designed to demonstrate the benefits of integrating behavioral health and primary care. PBGH also is pursuing a similar project in Massachusetts in collaboration with Blue Cross Blue Shield Massachusetts.