PBGH Impact Report

PBGH has had the same mission since its inception more than 30 years ago: To create a high-value, high-quality health care system for our members’ employees. In that time, the health care system changed dramatically. It is more heavily consolidated. It has become less responsive to the needs of its customers. It has become more complex for those who pay the bills, while also providing lower value.

With the U.S. lagging well behind all other comparable nations in care quality, and total U.S. health care spending now topping $4.1 trillion a year, or nearly 20% of GDP, PBGH members are committed to driving improvements in health outcomes while constraining soaring costs.

At PBGH, we have identified the biggest pain points for employers, and set a new series of bold strategic goals that will guide the organization’s work over the next five years. Our new goals reflect the need and interest of large public and private purchasers to adopt modern ideas and novel partnerships so that savings can be spent in areas that foster better health.

That is why we are focused intensely on improving access to robust primary care that incorporates behavioral health care services, addresses social needs and provides patients with referrals to high-value specialists. We are working closely with our members to address the abysmal state of maternity care in this country and the poor health outcomes faced by women, particularly women of color. With increased drug spending as one of the biggest drivers of rising costs for large employers and their workforce, PBGH has also made great progress on piercing the seemingly impenetrable business practices of pharmacy benefit managers.

Our members are incented to redesign health care, and as the details of this report outline, we have laid the groundwork for meaningful changes that improve the quality of health care for millions of American workers. We are proud of what we have accomplished over the past year and honored to partner with some of the country’s largest and most innovative employers to improve the state of American health care. We look forward to an even greater impact in the second half of 2023 and as we head into 2024.


Elizabeth Mitchell
President and CEO

Changing the way primary care is delivered through groundbreaking initiatives

First-ever initiative to expand access to advanced primary care through payment reform in partnership with seven large health plans in California.

Four of California’s largest employers partner with PBGH to launch a first-of-its kind joint pilot to identify advanced primary care practices .

The nation’s only primary care network designed by and for employers in development for 2024 launch.

PBGH’s technical assistance to seven provider organizations increased access to essential diabetes care for nearly 1 million Californians via telehealth.

Developing market-based solutions to reduce disparities and improve outcomes in maternity care

Two of the country’s largest employers – Qualcomm and Walmart – partnered with PBGH to launch an employer-led alliance to improve maternal health outcomes.
PBGH developed a first-of-its-kind comprehensive toolkit to improve maternal health equity.

Empowering employers and purchasers

30 employers collectively harnessed a first-of-its-kind tool developed by PBGH to track health plan performance and hold plans accountable for the delivery of high-quality care. 

Led market-based and legislative pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) reform efforts to increase transparency in the drug supply chain.

Developed tools and guidance for large employers to leverage newly available hospital and health plan data.

Launched new market-based health benefit solutions tailored to the needs of employers and employees.

Influencing federal and state policy to employers’ benefit

Spearheaded a public awareness campaign that led to federal legislation designed to lower health care prices.
Drove legal and legislative action to curb anti-competitive health care practices.
Ensured employer priorities were represented in federal legislation to reform pharmacy benefit manager business practices.

Ensuring employers’ voices are heard

Focusing on employer and purchaser needs for more than 30 years


PBGH members collectively spend $350 billion annually on health care services. 


Nearly 40 private employers and public entities purchasing health care services for more than 21 million Americans and their families.