December 1, 2021

PBGH Impact Report

Employers understand better than most that better health care costs less and that the quality of care delivered profoundly impacts people’s work, lives and productivity. That’s why PBGH works directly with employers and large public purchasers to advance initiatives that help them identify and purchase the highest quality health care services on behalf of working Americans.

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, PBGH has seen increased readiness from our members to take bold and unprecedented action to develop long-term approaches that will help reduce disparities in health care and increase access to high-quality and more affordable services for millions of employees, consumers and families nationwide.

PBGH has a 30-year history of success working closely with the country’s most innovative private employers and public health care purchasers and is widely recognized as having made some of the most pioneering and notable improvements to the quality of U.S. health care. Our most recent accomplishments build on that history of excellence and unrivaled success.

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