January 6, 2021

Redesigning Care Delivery for a Healthier Population

PBGH led a statewide Practice Transformation Network in California as part of a CMS-funded four-year Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative. 

Key program elements

  • Worked with 9,800 CA-based physicians, serving 5.9 million patients as part of the state’s largest quality improvement effort. 
  • Provided peer-based learning, coaching and technical support to improve quality of patient care and reduce care costs. 


  • $345 Million in Cost Savings.
  • $6.63 Saved per $1 Invested.
  • $$35,000 Saved per Clinician
  • 67,000 Avoided ED Visits
  • 59,000 Avoided Hospital Admissions
  • 26,000 Diabetics with Improved HbA1C Control
  • 59,000 Patients with Improved Care Process