Fiduciary Governance

Enhance your organization’s fiduciary governance with our comprehensive services, focused on developing and implementing advanced structures, processes, policies and oversight strategies. Our approach ensures the highest level of fiduciary responsibility and efficiency in alignment with your unique needs.

Service Details:

  • Health and Welfare Fiduciary Governance Strategy Development:
    • Design an optimal committee structure, including charter development, defining roles and responsibilities, establishing decision-making processes and documentation standards, setting meeting cadence and outlining procedural rules.
    • Implement prudent testing guidelines for purchasing, decision-making and documentation.
    • Establish robust procurement and purchasing principles, management and accountability policies.
  • In-Depth Current State Assessment and Gap Analysis of Fiduciary Governance:
    • Comprehensive review and analysis of documents and contracts (e.g., service provider agreements, ASAs, contracts, point solution agreements).
    • Audit of existing policies and procedures to identify areas for improvement.
  • Governance Structure Formation and Enhancement:
    • Create a decision-making infrastructure consistent with ERISA’s Prudent Expert standard, focusing on the development of procurement, purchasing and evaluation best practices.

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Won Andersen
Chief Operating Officer