Network Optimization with Hospital and TiC Data (CAA Data)

Using a unique combination of in-depth measurement and technical expertise in conjunction with newly available CAA data, gain the insights you need to make effective and efficient decisions on how to optimize your network in a specific geography and meet your fiduciary obligations.

Service Details:

  • Establish comprehensive commercial cost and price benchmarks for specific geographic markets, providing a clear comparative framework.
  • In-depth analyses of hospital and provider variations at the market basket level to inform and enhance contracting strategies.
  • Compare hospital variations across different products, networks and carriers to identify optimization opportunities.
  • Benchmark reimbursement variations for the top 100 procedures and services, offering detailed insights for strategic decision-making.
  • Develop and implement tailored network configurations, including effective steerage and design, negotiation tactics and innovative alternative payment models.

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Won Andersen
Chief Operating Officer