Hospital Price Transparency

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Hospital Price Transparency

New Tool Shows Current Break-even for Hospital Profitability

This data can help employers determine a fair price for hospital services.

High Hospital Prices Are Not Tied to Medicare and Medicaid

The NASHP data show that the commercial market is paying far more than it takes to offset losses from public programs.

Employers Pay More than Double What Hospitals Need

The commercial sector pays more than double the average cost of what hospitals need to provide medical services.

New Tool Reveals Data about Hospital Pricing Practices

The NASHP Hospital Cost Tool reveals data about hospital pricing practices that enables employers to exercise their market power to contain health care costs.

A New Look at Hospital Pricing and Profitability

The Hospital Cost Tool released by NASHP today offers a new look at hospital pricing and profitability – a game-changer for the employers and employees paying 300% more than Medicare and 100% of hospital profits.

Why Hospital Price Data Matters

As data becomes more complete over time, hospital price information will give employers and purchasers more insight into how their contracted hospitals compare on price.

Price Transparency Offers Opportunity to Employers and Purchasers

Employers and purchasers can leverage this information to buy better care for their employees and members.

What Hospital Pricing Data Shows

In some cases, employers and patients are paying more for care with insurance coverage than they would without.

Why Hospital Price Transparency Matters

The variation in prices charged to patients covered by different health plans, or with no coverage at all, is exactly why hospital price transparency is so important.

Hospital Price Transparency Fact Sheet

Fewer than half of all hospitals nationwide are fully compliant with regulations that require them to publicly post prices.

Hospital Price Transparency Talking Points

These talking points can be used to create communications related to hospital price transparency.

Hospitals Fail to Comply with Federal Transparency Rule

Why are most hospitals not complying with a new federal rule that requires them to post their price information online?