Biologics currently represent the majority of health care spending both for employers and patients in need of these treatments. This highlights the importance of focusing on the opportunity available to increase patient access and reduce costs by substituting biosimilars for biologics. To reduce cost and increase access to life-saving treatments, PBGH works with employers and purchasers to assess and break through barriers to adopting biosimilars.


Promoting Pharmaceutical Value through Biosimilar Adoption: Self-Insured Employer Experience

Purchaser perspectives and understanding of biosimilar adoption based on key stakeholder interviews.

Biosimilar Adoption: Challenges and Opportunities

PBGH undertook a project to identify the market challenges associated with biosimilar adoption.

Two Employer Plan Sponsors Biosimilar Savings Analysis

The purpose of this study was to assess potential savings from using biosimilars instead of reference biologic drugs, based on market pricing, potential rebates foregone, and biosimilar uptake.

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Biosimilars from the Physician Perspective

Biosimilars offer hope for competition in the high-cost specialty drug space where costs continue to skyrocket.

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ACOs and Biosimilars

Misaligned financial incentives and opaque drug purchasing arrangments appear to be the primary culprits preventing the robust adoption of biosimilars in the U.S. market.

Past Events and Training

August 12, 2020

Biosimilars: The Next Frontier

The widespread use of biosimilars brings competition to the drug market and is estimated to save more than $54 billion over ten years.