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Past Programs

California Joint Replacement Registry (CJRR)

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Providing data needed to reward high-quality orthopedic care providers

Consumer-Purchaser Alliance

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The Consumer-Purchaser Alliance was created to ensure that the voices of consumers and purchasers influence the improvement and redesign of the health care system.

Employers Centers of Excellence Network

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Carefully selected, high-quality hospitals and surgeons for various procedures, the ECEN reduced variation in quality and cost and increased the likelihood of optimal patient outcomes.

IOCP: Intensive Outpatient Care Program

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Care coordinators teach medically complex patients how to manage their conditions and also ensure seamless transitions among multiple providers and services.

Making Wise Health Care Choices Together

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PBGH in collaboration with Consumer Reports developed the Choosing Wisely microsite.

Multi-Payer Claims Database

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Producing the information Californians need to identify the best doctors.

Practice Transformation Initiative (2016 – 2019)

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The Practice Transformation Initiative (PTI) was a four-year initiative that engaged 4,800 clinicians statewide contracted with provider organizations to improve measures of cost, quality and patient experience.

Purchaser Value Network

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The Purchaser Value Network accelerated the adoption of high-value health care delivery and payment models through policy advocacy, education and purchaser engagement.