Multi-Payer Claims Database

Imagine trying to purchase a car without knowing anything about how good it is or what it will cost. That’s the situation consumers face when choosing a doctor.

Consumers simply don’t have the information they need to pick a doctor based on measurable quality or the expected cost of care. Instead, they usually select physicians based on convenience or referrals. In addition, while most physicians sincerely want to give their patients high-quality care, they don’t know how they stack up to each other and are not competing to attract patients.

PBGH, under a contract with the California Healthcare Performance Information System (CHPI), administered what at the time was the only Multi-Payer Claims Database (MPCD) in operation in California. It consisted of claims from the state’s three largest health plans and the Medicare fee-for-service program.

In all, CHPI aggregated administrative claims and eligibility data for approximately 12 million lives across California to create physician performance ratings.

MPCD Program Summary


Rachel DuPré Brodie
Senior Director, Measurement and Accountability