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PBGH is a non-profit dedicated to making health care high-quality, affordable and equitable.

We appreciate the generous financial and strategic support of our partners, which include private foundations, government, health care purchasers, other like-minded partners and individuals like yourself. We are a 501c3 public charity, and your donation is tax deductible.

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What We Do

PBGH is a nonprofit coalition representing nearly 40 private employers and public entities across the U.S. that collectively spend $100 billion annually purchasing health care services for more than 15 million Americans and their families. PBGH has a 30-year track record of incubating new, disruptive operational programs in partnership with large employers and other health care purchasers. Our initiatives are designed to test innovative methods and scale successful approaches that lower health care costs and increase quality across the U.S.


The PBGH Difference


Purchaser Only: Moving markets requires a clear and consistent purpose and set of priorities. That’s why PBGH represents the interests of health care purchasers only, distinguishing us from traditional business organizations and other trade associations that include health care industry members. While PBGH closely partners and collaborates with providers, payers and policymakers to scale innovative models that improve health outcomes and affordability, we do not maintain alignments with vendors or other interests that would impede work necessary to influence the health care market in service of health care purchasers and consumers.

On-the-Ground Implementation: PBGH is the only national business group working directly in the health care delivery system with providers and payers to improve care, test innovations and make the changes that bring value to health care purchasers and consumers. We empower our members to take action through novel contracting, measurement, quality improvement, policy and other approaches to alter the way health care is paid for and delivered.