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Driving Affordability

You purchase health care benefits on behalf of your employees and their families to ensure their health and wellbeing. Unaffordable coverage impacts employers’ ability to provide care and comes directly out of company budgets and workers’ wages. In partnership with member companies, PBGH redesigns markets to reflect purchaser priorities through innovative contracting initiatives, new standards and payment models and by fostering new market entrants incentivized to deliver higher-quality, lower-cost care.

Programs that Drive Affordability

Direct Contracting

PBGH guides large employersin the design, development and ongoing management of among the country’s most successful direct contracting initiatives.

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Transform Maternity Care

PBGH works with employers, providers and health plans to develop a maternity care system that embraces high-value services, reduces outcomes variation and incentivizes safety.

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Reducing Pharmacy Costs

PBGH helps purchasers disrupt the complicated and opaque pharmaceutical supply chain and hold vendors accountable.

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High-Value Primary Care

Through a range of programs and initiatives, PBGH supports and advances a strong primary care system by incentivizing integrated and coordinated care that puts patients at the center.

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Fair Health Costs Initiative

The Fair Health Costs Initiative is an effort by PBGH and National Alliance of Healthcare Coalitions to mobilize employer purchasers, educate policymakers and advocate for public policies to reduce health care prices.

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Strengthening Mental Health

Purchasers recognize the significant impact that underlying mental health issues have on employees, their clinical outcomes and overall health care costs.

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Payment Reform

PBGH pursues a range of payment model demonstrations acting as a trusted third-party convening health plans, providers and employers to create consensus around alternative payment models that lower costs and improve care quality.

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