Karin Johnston

As Senior Manager of Practice Transformation, Karin advises and trains health care practices to ensure their success in transitioning to value-based care and payment models. Leveraging her expertise, Karin oversees the design and implementation of strategies and technical assistance to engage and support health care practices participating in the California Advanced Primary Care Initiative and its Payment Model Demonstration Project. She collaborates closely with health care providers to build strong relationships, effective communication channels and tailored support to operationalize improvements in care and health outcomes.

Prior to her current role, Karin built a solid foundation in mental health as a therapist, providing support to individuals facing various mental health challenges. She held key roles in direct health care at organizations such as Davita Kidney Care and Steward Healthcare, serving as a liaison between organizations and provider partners and driving better patient outcomes through strategic partnerships and effective communication channels.

Karin holds a master’s degree in clinical psychology from Azusa Pacific University, where she honed her skills in understanding human behavior and fostering positive change. She also has a bachelor’s degree in english from California State University, Fullerton, further enriching her knowledge base.