CQC Annual Reports


CQC Impact Report 2022

CQC Impact Report 2021

CQC Annual Report 2018

CQC Annual Report 2017

We are proud to share our many accomplishments in 2017

CQC Impact Report 2016

This 2016 CQC Impact Report details many of the accomplishments of CQC

CQC Impact Report 2015

While CQC achieved great success in 2015, we recognize that much more is needed to meet the goal of better health outcomes and experience at a lower cost.

CQC Impact Report 2014

This report serves to illustrate the success of the California Quality Collaborative in 2014.

CQC Impact Report 2013

CQC’s proven success in 2013.

CQC Impact Report 2012

During 2012, CQC’s work was focused on reducing hospital readmissions, improving medical group performance on Medicare Star and P4P quality measures, improving care and reducing cost for Medicare patients with complex conditions, and improving care transitions.

CQC Impact Report 2011

During 2011, CQC focused on improving chronic care, the Medicare Star quality measures, care for medically complex patients and reducing hospital readmissions.