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Health care’s unrelenting annual cost increases—up 4.6% in 2018 alone to $3.6 trillion, or $11,172 per person—have become untenable for purchasers and consumers alike, limiting employers’ ability to grow and compete globally and imposing an intolerable financial burden on patients.

PBGH is committed to containing costs by supporting policies and legal action that will help repair areas of the health care system that no longer respond to traditional market forces. Our efforts are reinforced by the real-world experiences of PBGH’s employer-members, who provide health coverage to more than 15 million Americans. We’ve also enlisted a range of stakeholders and partners in the pursuit of evidence-based policies, programs, and results.

Whenever possible, our policy initiatives are grounded in a commitment to market-based solutions that encourage healthy competition among providers, health plans, drug manufacturers, and suppliers. But we understand that some health care sectors are impervious to these influences due to a lack of competition, entrenched monopoly power, and the absence of useful information or meaningful choice for patients.

That’s why we continue to explore litigation, regulation and purchaser-led solutions that will help restore affordability while maintaining or improving care quality and equity. Our mission is straight-forward: To help break the destructive cycle of rising health care costs and in so doing, enhance care access, delivery and quality for all Americans.


Bill Kramer
Senior Advisor for Health Policy


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Letter Urging Federal Agencies to Protect Patients with Surprise Billing Rule

PBGH joined nearly 60 consumer and employer organizations urging that surprise billing loopholes be closed in the administration’s looming rule.

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Past Events and Training

February 22, 2022

Ensuring Affordable Drugs in the Private Market after BBB

Join leading employer and purchaser representatives and national prescription drug policy experts for a roundtable discussion on the future of prescription drug policy after the BBB.

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Director, Health Policy
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