Consumers First

Despite the best efforts of policymakers, providers, academics, advocates, and other stakeholders, health care prices continue to rise without a commensurate improvement in quality.

Consumers First is working to realign health care’s existing incentives and design to create a system that will finally deliver the cost-effective, high-quality care all Americans deserve. The coalition seeks to enlist health care organizations and professionals, employers, labor unions and allies nationwide in an effort to uproot the fundamental economic distortions in the nation’s health care payment and delivery system.

The group is focusing on policies that address six key areas:

  • Distortions in prescription drug prices
  • Distortions created by payment systems, including Medicare
  • Increased health care industry consolidation
  • Inadequate access to data and a lack of transparency
  • Flawed health care workforce policies
  • Federal tax policy for nonprofit health care institutions and insurance plans
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