High Health Care Costs

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High Health Care Costs

Bipartisan Support for Policies to Lower High Hospital Prices

Voters are worried that Congress won’t do enough to address the increasingly high health care costs.

Support for Congressional Action to Lower Prices

More than 70% of voters support aggressive congressional action to lower hospital prices.

Voters Frustrated with Dysfunctional Market

Almost 9 in 10 voters say it is important for this Congress to take action to reduce hospital prices.

COVID-19 Offers a Chance to Course Correct

In the aftermath of COVID-19 and to prepare for the next pandemic, we need to build a more adaptable, streamlined and efficient health care system.

Sacrificing Competitiveness in the Global Economy

We are sacrificing our competitiveness in the global economy by paying so much more than needed for health care and health system sustainability.

High Health Costs a Concern for Business Leaders

60% of Americans getting their health care coverage through their jobs – high health care costs should be a concern for all business leaders.

High Health Care Costs Need Real Solutions

Everyone agrees health care costs are high. It’s time for real solutions to the underlying problems.

Health Care Has Become Unaffordable

The cost of health care in the U.S. has become unaffordable for families and employers, and health outcomes are poor.

Action Needed to Address High Health Care Costs

Voters and executive decision makers agree – it’s time for government to take action on out-of-control health care costs.