Anti-competitive Practices

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Anti-competitive Practices

More Oversight of Vertical Mergers Needed

When insurance companies acquire health care providers and pharmacy benefit managers, it raises fundamental questions about the extent to which they will act on behalf of their customers.

Vertical Mergers Lead to Higher Costs

What happens when health insurers, PBMs, pharmacies and providers are all owned by the same entity? Prices go up for employers and their workers.

Health care industry consolidation raises costs.

Health Care Prices Too High for Consumers

The United States is facing a crisis when it comes to health care costs. Prices for lifesaving care and drugs are simply too high for consumers.

Market consolidation raises health care costs.

Health Care Industry Consolidation Raises Costs

Hospital acquisitions and mergers aren’t producing better outcomes or healthier people – only higher costs.

Anti-competitive Business Practices Fact Sheet

Download a fact sheet that details the problem and our proposed solutions.

Anti-competitive Business Practices Talking Points

These talking points can be used to create communications related to anti-trust enforcement and anticompetitive business practices.

Fighting Anti-trust Enforcement and Anti-competitive Practices

We need stronger health care anti-trust enforcement, including prohibitions on anticompetitive practices, to address the problems of industry consolidation, market power and high prices.

Health Care Market Failure Must Be Addressed

Where markets have failed entirely or where there is no market, federal policymakers have a responsibility to directly manage health care prices.