October 25, 2021

Mark Cuban-Owned Company Launches Pharmacy-Benefit Manager

A pair of new companies are being launched to tackle high drug costs, the latest sign of employer frustration with the middlemen, known as PBMs, whose job it is to keep down the spending.

The Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company PBC and the Purchaser Business Group on Health, a nonprofit coalition of nearly 40 large public and private employers, said they are each starting new pharmacy-benefit management companies.

PBMs work on behalf of employers, labor unions and governments to decide which drugs are available to patients, negotiate rebates on the prices paid for those drugs and process payments to pharmacies. The PBMs pass along much of the savings to their customers. Yet some employers have criticized PBMs for failing to disclose all the rebates and keeping too much of the savings.

The aim of the new pharmacy-benefit managers, their executives said, was to be more transparent about drug costs and share with their clients more of any negotiated savings.

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