Addressing Consolidation

Anticompetitive practices that stifle employers’ ability to negotiate for the best health care value for their workers has become a growing concern. There is an increase in consolidation leading health systems, insurers and private equity to use their market leverage in ways that cost companies and their workers. What’s more, hospital mergers lead to higher prices, with no evidence of improved quality and with poorer patient experience. PBGH supports both legislative and legal action to reign in market consolidation leading to higher-cost, lower-quality medical care.



60 Minutes interviews PBGH CEO about the landmark Sutter Health lawsuit

How a hospital system grew to gain market power and drove up California health care costs

Modern Healthcare: Sutter and Calif. AG Revamp Their Search for Antitrust Monitor

“It just underscores that without antitrust action, these behaviors aren’t changing,” said Elizabeth Mitchell, CEO of PBGH, an employer coalition that includes 20 of the lawsuit’s class members.

NYT: Sutter Health’s Request to Delay $575 Million Settlement Is Denied

Sutter contended that it might not be able to abide by the settlement terms, and raised the possibility that it would have to charge higher prices beyond the limits in the agreement because of surges in Covid-19 patients.

Healthcare Finance: Court denies Sutter Health’s request to delay $575M settlement

This case could have nationwide implications if other states begin to examine and challenge local practices, according to Elizabeth Mitchell, CEO of Pacific Business Group on Health, which initiated the lawsuit on behalf of employers and stakeholders.

Sutter’s Request to Delay Antitrust Settlement Hearing Denied

PBGH CEO, Elizabeth Mitchell said Sutter did not produce evidence that COVID-19 limits its ability to meet the requirements under the settlement the health system agreed to.

Court Denies Sutter Health’s Motion for 3-Month delay

Elizabeth Mitchell, CEO of the Pacific Business Group on Health (PBGH), said Judge Massullo’s one-month delay was “disappointing” but still better than the three-month delay requested by Sutter.

PBGH’s Response to AHA’s Sutter Health Settlement Statement

The Pacific Business Group on Health (PBGH) is deeply troubled by the misleading statement put out by the American Hospital Association (AHA)   in regard to settlement between Sutter Health System and the Attorney General of California.

Modern Healthcare: Sutter Health to pay $575 million antitrust settlement

Sutter Health agrees to pay $575 million antitrust settlement with up to 13 years of monitoring.

Elizabeth Mitchell talks about Sutter Health to HealthLeaders

PBGH CEO on Sutter Health antitrust settlement: ‘I don’t think this issue will go away’

Consumers First

Consumers First has released its administrative and legislative policy agenda.

SB 977 Fact v Fiction 8.6.20


PBGH’s Letter of Support for California Bill SB977

California’s leading consumer, labor and business organizations have joined together to support legislation that would lower health care prices for Californians.

SB-977 text as of 2020-05-19—highlighted for Boeing

An act to add Division 1.7 (commencing with Section 1190) to the Health and Safety Code, relating to health facilities.

California Senate Bill 538 Hospital Contracts Purchaser Update

Senate Bill 538 seeks to level the playing field in health care contracting, and provides more information to consumers and purchasers in the state.

PBGH’s Letter of Support for California Bill SB 538

PBGH’s Letter to Support California Assembly Bill 290

PBGH supports California Assembly Bill 290.

Testimony for Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Hearing

PBGH members collectively spend over $100 billion annually purchasing healthcare on behalf of their employees. Collectively that means buying healthcare for over 15 million Americans.

Letter to the Senate HELP Committee about the Lower Health Care Costs Act of 2019

The Lower Health Care Costs Act of 2019 is potentially a significant step forward in national health policy, and I commend the Committee for taking on the difficult issue of health care costs.

PBGH Statement regarding the draft Congressional legislation on surprise medical bills

Surprise medical bills can amount to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in medical costs that consumers are unprepared to pay.

Coalition Against Surprise Medical Billing

Millions of patients face surprise medical bills they did not expect at prices they cannot afford.

PBGH support letter_AB 1611 (Chiu) Sen Health Committee

The Pacific Business Group on Health supports AB 1611 (Chiu) and respectfully requests your “AYE” vote.

AB-1611 Chiu Fact Sheet Updated 5.28.19

AB 1611 will protect patients from surprise emergency room bills from out-of-network hospitals. This bill will ensure that patients only owe the same copay or deductible they would pay for in-network emergency care.

AB 1611 – Chiu – Fact Sheet

The only thing you should be thinking about when you or a loved one are lying on a gurney in an emergency room is getting well — not the bill for that care.

Smarter Health Care Coalition

The Smarter Health Care Coalition represents a broad-based and diverse group of health care innovators, including consumer groups, employers, patient advocacy organizations, health plans and life science companies.