PBGH Impact Report

Employers understand better than most that better health care costs less and that the quality of care delivered profoundly impacts people’s work, lives and productivity. That’s why PBGH works directly with employers and large public purchasers to advance initiatives that help them identify and purchase the highest quality health care services on behalf of working Americans.

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, PBGH has seen increased readiness from our members to take bold and unprecedented action to develop long-term approaches that will help reduce disparities in health care and increase access to high-quality and more affordable services for millions of employees, consumers and families nationwide.

PBGH has a 30-year history of success working closely with the country’s most innovative private employers and public health care purchasers and is widely recognized as having made some of the most pioneering and notable improvements to the quality of U.S. health care. Our most recent accomplishments build on that history of excellence and unrivaled success.

Elizabeth Mitchell
President and CEO

Driving Down Hospital Costs

Influenced federal price transparency rules to increase hospital penalties for non-compliance.
Influenced federal regulations to protect consumers from surprise medical bills.
Facilitated groundbreaking legal and legislative action to curb anti-competitive contracting practices.

Empowering Employers and Purchasers


Collectively harnessed a first-of-its-kind PBGH tool to track health plan performance and hold plans accountable for the delivery of high-quality care. 


Of PBGH members relied on PBGH vendor assessments to make purchasing decisions.  


Of success leveraged to create and launch an innovation studio and transparent PBM.

Achieving High-Quality Care Through Innovative Contracting and Payment Reform

Developed pioneering primary care standards and a common purchasing agreement adopted by public and private purchasers for 2022 contracts.
Established a first-of-its-kind regional centers of excellence network for improved affordability and employee health outcomes.
Implemented innovative maternity care, reducing disparities and improving quality and outcomes.

Reducing Pharmacy Costs


Reduction in annual drug spending by implementing waste-free formularies that eliminate higher-priced, unnecessary drugs. 


Identified potential savings by adopting biosimilars. 


Reduction in total pharmacy spending negotiated with PBGH contract support and evaluation.


Billions saved by influencing groundbreaking legislation on prescription drug prices.

Shaping Care for Better Patient Experience and Health Outcomes

Led on telehealth research and advocacy in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Partnered with CMS to develop and test the country’s first-ever oncology patient-reported outcome performance measures.
Created the nation’s largest program to gather statewide feedback on patient experience.

Driving the Conversation on Employers’ Behalf

Promoting change requires seizing opportunities to highlight employer perspectives on health care, drawing attention to the unsustainable condition of our current system and advocating for solutions that accelerate transformation. PBGH has worked to heighten awareness about some of health care’s most pressing issues.

60 Minutes interviews PBGH CEO about the landmark Sutter Health lawsuit

“The more hospitals [Sutter] acquired, the more physicians they acquired, the more leverage they had in the market.”

CEO Elizabeth Mitchell

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Employer and Purchaser Only for More Than 30 years


PBGH members collectively spend $350 billion annually on health care services. 


Nearly 40 private employers and public entities purchasing health care services for more than 21 million Americans and their families.