Whole-Person Health Vendor Showcase

Please join us for the PBGH Whole-Person Health Vendor Showcase on Tuesday, March 29 from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. PT 

The Whole-Person Health Vendor Showcase is part of the PBGH Wellbeing Series, which reflects our members’ focus on overall employee wellbeing. The Whole-Person Health Vendor Showcase will explore the latest science and solutions in the whole- person health space – a critical area for employers, as research shows that half of Americans live with at least one chronic condition (CDC), and risk factors such as obesity and physical inactivity continue to rise.  

Employers are looking to address the whole- person in their employee benefits offerings and incorporate the latest evidence from behavioral science to support employees in achieving physical and emotional wellbeing. The PBGH Whole-Person Health Vendor Showcase will provide information and tools to help you understand and evaluate the solutions available. 

The Whole-Person Health Vendor Showcase is an opportunity for you to interact with other employers and whole-person health vendors Vida Health, WellDoc and Omada Health. You will have the chance to ask questions and listen to the feedback of other employers and PBGH’s subject matter expert. You will also be able to provide feedback about the vendors to help ensure that the market is developing solutions that best meet your needs. Following the Showcase, the PBGH whole-person health evaluation criteria and landscape, as well as the PBGH team, will be available to support you as you select a whole- person health vendor. 

If you are interested in participating as an employer or vendor, please contact Lucy McDermott at lmcdermott@pbgh.org.


Begins: March 29, 2022
Ends: March 29, 2022