DxF Funding Opportunities and How to Apply

Rapid data exchange within the health care delivery system is integral to achieving equitable, patient-centered care for all Californians. California’s Health and Human Services Data Exchange Framework (DxF) is the first-ever, statewide data sharing agreement that will accelerate and expand the exchange of health and social services information among health care entities, government agencies and social service programs beginning in 2024.

On August 9, 2023, the Purchaser Business Group on Health/California Quality Collaborative in partnership with BluePath Health hosted a webinar to inform provider organizations about the funding opportunities available through DxF and guide them through the application process.

During the webinar, participants:

  • Heard an overview of the DxF, its requirements and associated timeline
  • Learned about funding opportunities available to participating provider organizations and how to apply
  • Asked any questions related to funding or meeting DxF requirements


  • Robby Franceschini, Director of Policy, BluePath Health
  • Stephanie Thornton, Policy Manager, BluePath Health
  • Peter Robertson, Senior Director of Practice Transformation, PBGH/CQC

Webinar Resources:


This CQC webinar was for provider organizations, typically medical groups and independent practice associations, as well as mid-sized practices. Provider organization leaders, including chief information officers, health IT leads and network relations, should attend.


Begins: August 9, 2023
Ends: August 9, 2023